A Child Transitioning Out The Supervision of The State

Foster Care Kids Need Love Too



Good morning Foster Care Kids Need Love Too Family! I have a very special message from a foster child that transition out of the supervision of the state. She wanted to share your passage in and be a advocate for foster care children in need. Her name is Katlynn in i will share her story. It took bravery for her to share her story so this is for us as a family to understand that we have a voice of opinion here at Foster Care Kids Need Love Too. This is her story: My name is katlynn. I’m 15 & this is my story , My mom had me at a really young age and i went into foster care and I was called names for it. Or they would say no body wants you not even your mom. And that Hurt so bad, and the people around me thought I would turn out to be a foster kid that has nothing good and I started to believe it and gave up, but one day a guy told me show them your better then what they say you are. After that I got everything back together and now I’m adopted and loved by my family and have people who support me and don’t make jokes about being a foster care kid or an adopted kid. It’s not easy to be in the system.Thank god that I had the foster parents I did. And I thank god for giving me a family.


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