America’s Most Unwanted, a film about foster youth. Free DVDs for foster homes

Foster Care Kids Need Love Too


A Testimony from the Producer of America’s Most Unwanted Shani Heckman This page is so amazing b/c I was adopted in Philly and emancipated from foster care in Delaware! wish you were around then. such amazing work you are doing! I wanted to bring your attention to my film about girls in foster care that deals with homophobia, homelessness and incarceration issues but is VERY HOPEFUL! the youth who have seen it have been really inspired..and it was my MASTERS Degree film!! we’re in our final 6 days to raise funds to get the finished DVD to the youth for free and are reaching out to ask folks to chip-in/spread the news! thanks for all you DO! Foster Care Kids Need Love Too! Make sure you click this link in support the film cause for foster care kids. “Drawing Success” for the youth of our nation. Watch the video in support @

America’s Most Unwanted Project! Please support!

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