Senate approves bill boosting foster care training



The Senate has approved mandating 35 hours of training for potential foster care parents, more than double what some are now required to have.

The proposal by Sunnyvale Republican Rep. Cindy Burkett cleared the House last month and passed the Senate without debate Tuesday. Both chambers will have to reconcile small tweaks before it goes to Gov. Greg Abbott to be signed into law.

The proposal toughens the foster-care screening process. Critics worried it could make the already-difficult recruitment of foster parents even harder, but opposition was minimal.

Texas already requires 35 training hours for state foster-care recruits, but only 16 hours for potential parents retained through private contractors.

The bill comes after 13 children died while in Child Protective Services custody in fiscal years 2013.


Foster Care Strong Together We Can Make A Change




Foster Kids Need Love Too® is an organization that has the best interest of foster kids of this nation at their heart. As a nation we obsess over the bringing up of our children. We make sure to provide them with the best quality of education for their mental growth; we provide the best food to our children to give them a healthy lifestyle; we provide them with the best medical facilities; and all this very rightly so, they are our children after all who will take the mantel of running this nation tomorrow, all this is their right and all of this will be provided by any parent worth their salt.

But take a moment here and consider those children who are the same age as your very own kids. Unfortunately for them there is no way to get all the best treatment in the world because they do not have any family that takes care of them and because they are all alone on this planet.

Think of the consequences for such a child. Lost in the world, they could end up on the wrong paths of criminality or abuse. If they make to a mature age, with their past marred with trouble and nothing good, they could end up in a lifelong destructing cycle of crime, of substance abuse and even of violence.

Think for a moment that just because they did not have a person in their life to guide them, these young minds which could have been put to great use of the civilization have gone rotten at the cruel hands of the unforgiving society.

That child could have been you.

If not for that person who was there for you when you needed them the most; the person who listened to you and gave you a hand when you found yourself seeking a way out of a mess. At Foster Kids Need Love Too® we want to be that family for the unfortunate and underprivileged kids of our nation who are out there as we speak trying to navigate through the adversities of life, in need of person to look up to. We love foster kids and we want them to be our family. We want them to be a part of the bright future of our nation and we are determined in our quest to provide such children with food, care, education and above all, love.

Foster Kids Need Love Too® can only achieve this with your help. You can impart a child with a once in a life time fighting chance to turn their life around for better. Don’t you want to be the person to change a child’s future for the good? Don’t you want to be the person to hold the hand of one young child that may not be your own but will reply to your generosity with the impartial love of a child?

Foster Kids Need Love Too® will continue down this path of empathy and love and with your help we can keep on ‘Drawing Success’. Also send your monetary donations to thank you and God bless we cannot do this without you.

17,000 kids can’t play your political games



When my partner and I decided we wanted to become parents, we had no idea the level of complexity and number of challenges that would emerge along the way. After all, we thought, why would anyone want to prevent a child from finding a stable home and a loving family?

As prospective parents, excited by the thought of expanding our family, we were surprised to learn that same-sex couples were considered bottom on the list of homes to be placed with children. We learned that many adoption agencies throughout the state acted on their right to refuse representing same-sex adoptive couples.

After finally locating an agency that treated us with dignity and respect, our dreams came true when we were introduced to two beautiful sisters who would forever change our lives and give us the new title “daddy.” Our mission since has been to raise awareness and get to the real truth of this community need.

ROBERTS: 17,000 reasons why Ducey did the right thing

MONTINI: Ducey takes stand for all adoptions, including same-sex

What often gets lost in the whirlwind of rhetoric are the 17,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system who need and deserve a loving home. This is why Equality Arizona is launching a new effort called Project Jigsaw: Connecting Every Child to a Loving Family.

The recent decision by Gov. Doug Ducey to require state agencies to allow all legally married couples in Arizona, including same-sex couples, to adopt was a huge step in the right direction. As the governor so eloquently stated, “All children deserve a loving home, and under my watch, I’m committed to making sure government encourages that.”

In order to achieve this, Arizonans need to take an “all hands on deck” approach.

First, we need to ensure that all who are involved in the adoption process have access to the resources they need. This means giving parents, providers, educators and others access to helpful information and resources about adoption so the child can succeed

Second, we need to begin educating the public about the importance of adoption and why we should never put up barriers to finding children permanent, loving homes in Arizona.

Finally, Project Jigsaw will connect with elected officials and providers to ensure that Arizona policies align with Gov. Ducey’s vision of a home for every child.

It’s time for all of Arizona’s leaders, regardless of political party, to come together and support loving families of all walks of life. While there are many in this community who can afford to play political games, the 17,000 children in Arizona’s foster care system certainly cannot.

Ultimately, the campaign is about creating an environment where all Arizonans can be lucky enough to experience what my partner and I have: building a loving family for amazing children, who need and deserve it just like every other child.

And though the individual pieces of our family may not be the same as yours, I can assure you the final picture will show the same thing: unconditional love.