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“SANTA” delivers holiday cheer to 300 kids in foster care



MURRAY, Utah – Some foster children in Utah won’t have to go without this holiday season, thanks to airmen from Hill Air Force Base and athletes from the University of Utah.

They’re part of Utah Foster Care’s Santa’s Brigade. Their mission is to make the holidays a little brighter for kids who are trying to adjust to a new home.

Santa’s Brigade spread holiday cheer to 300 kids in foster care in Northern Utah as University of Utah athletes delivered Christmas trees and decorations.

“Everything was donated, so all it takes is manpower,” said Stevenson Sylvester, former Pittsburgh Steeler & U of U football player. “Just to see their excitement today when we deliver these trees is just going to be epic.”

Airmen from the 419th and 388th showered kids with nearly 800 gifts.

“We’re here to bless all the families with things they don’t have or more that they need,” said Tech Sgt. Neysa Henson.

The volunteers use their own vacation time to be part of this special day.

“I am so humbled that they take time out of their schedules, they use their personal resources, they take personal leave to come make a difference in the lives of these kids,” said Karrie Scott, a foster parent.

Scott has adopted six children from foster care.

“Sometimes the families have made bad choices,” she said. “The parents are struggling with something, but that’s not the kids’ fault.”

To see their faces light up during a challenging time is the best gift she could ask for.

“Everybody deserves a home, everybody deserves to be loved,” she said.

For more information about ways to donate to Utah Foster Care, click here.




Foster Care Kids Need Love Too


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